Why is this exemption available?

Hundreds of Melbourne’s sportsgrounds have already transitioned to warm season grasses, and these grass types are better suited to our harsh summers and changing climate.

Once the grass is established, sportsgrounds have found that they use an average of 50-60% less water to maintain the ground. Given that the average suburban lawn is subject to far less wear and tear than competition sportsgrounds, we estimate that they will use an average of 70% less water.

Melbourne’s water retailers want to provide households with the same watering flexibility – enabling us to lock in water efficient gardening practices, both now and well into the future.

The active growing season for warm season grass is during warm weather, when the soil temperature is above 18°C – typically from September to March. Planting outside of this time typically risks failure and can be both expensive and time consuming. However the Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria and turf growers have advised that pre-grown turf can be successfully installed and established outside this time period.

You can apply for a 28-day exemption to water in your new warm season grass year round.