Know your lawn’s water needs

Sir Walter grass

The following is a guide only, based on keeping 60m² (square metres) of warm season in close to optimum condition. Visit for a straightforward predictive tool to gauge the amount of water your new warm season grass (or garden) may need – tailored to your local growing environment.

Thousands of Melbourne gardens planted with warm season grass do not use any drinking water at all, yet have successfully maintained their grass year after year. Installing a tank or a grey water system is an option, but not necessary, following the installation of your warm season grass. For information on available rebates click here.

Example: watering for a 60m² grass area

During the very peak of summer, and if little rain is expected, you may need to provide additional moisture to your grass area. For an average front and back lawn (60m²) this could equate to approximately 25 minutes of irrigation with a trigger nozzle connected to a tank or 4 loads of washing machine water (400 litres) applied per week.

These figures serve as an upper guide only, as established warm season grasses are designed to withstand Melbourne summers with very little water. As Melbourne suburbs often receive more rainfall than the CBD, your grass area may require less.

We strongly recommend that you visit for advice on your garden’s individual watering requirements, tailored to your suburb, soil type, selected plants, and size.

Please remember than you cannot water your grass areas with drinking water after your exemption expiry date. If maintaining a perpetually bright green lawn is of a high priory to you then we recommend that you investigate grey water solutions or install a water tank.