Terms and conditions

This exemption may be revoked or amended at any time by your local water retailer and is valid for 28 days only – starting on the day the pre-grown grass or seed is installed.

To give your new turf the best chance of success, it is a requirement of this exemption that you first remove / kill off any existing lawn. For guidance on removing pre-existing grass, visit your local nursery.

This exemption is only valid once registered with your local water retailer. You may apply for multiple exemptions to convert both front and back yards. Exemptions are granted on a basis of installation address. You must print and display the exemption certificate with the exemption number and period prominently facing the street so as to communicate this exemption to passers-by.

After the exemption expires, all watering is to be carried out in accordance with the prevailing stage of water restrictions or Permanent Water Use Rules.

The granting of the exemption in no way constitutes a representation by your local water retailer that the watering of the grass in accordance with the conditions of the exemption will guarantee the survival of the turf.