How the application process works

Exemptions will be granted on a basis of property address and can be applied for by the resident or on behalf of the property owner such as by a property developer or landscape gardener.

The exemption process is quite simple and should take no more than five minutes.

Sample application

Complete form

You will be asked to provide your contact details, the address of the requested exemption, whether you will be installing pre-grown grass or sowing seed, and the approximate size of the area to be transitioned to warm season grass.

Sample PDF download

Download exemption certificate

A unique certificate of exemption will be created for your application which must be printed and displayed prominently (such as on the front fence) of the exemption address.

Sample email reminder

Reminder email

A reminder email will be sent reminding you when your exemption period is close to ending.

Schools, commercial and industrial customers interested in establishing warm season grass should contact their local water retailer.